Many of us spend time judging each other.  Some of that time we spend comparing which is another form of judgment that usually leaves the comparer holding the short end of the stick.  Many don’t even think comparing is judging.  To have a comparison you have to judge each element, put them on some form of scale and then see who has the highest mark.  Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. If you are in a bad mood, you lose a lot. If you are feeling haughty or better than the rest of the world, then you might win more. What is it if it’s not judging? All we’d really need is a bench and judge gavel to make it complete.  And sometimes we judge ourselves against a generic, do we not?


Some days I’m sailing high and loving life. My sail is full of wind (maybe that’s the problem!). I love those days and who wouldn’t?  Anything that could upset me just doesn’t seem to matter.  But then there are those days where I lose the light.  The little judge has shown up. I’m looking at everything with judging eyes.  I’m having trouble seeing the good because the judge is in residence.  (I thought of using a capital J for judge but his/her head is big enough!)  The judge is there and seems in full command.  Sometimes I’m very successful at dislodging him quickly and moving him out off his bench. Sometimes the judge is a doing some major bench workouts: looking, watching, judging, comparing and making me feel terrible.  I start to get worn down.  Sometimes I get frantic.  So why am I allowing the judge to sit there?  Why am I listening to the pronouncements and feeling like the worlds’ biggest loser or worse?


Gorgeous Flower

One of the gifts of Nature

So what’s the best way to stop this vicious cycle?  Start with gratitude. One woman, M.J. Ryan, wrote a book called Giving Thanks: The Gifts of Gratitude. Gratitude creates healing vibration by raising your vibrations. Judgment and comparison are the results of the ego.  Once you start with gratitudes, the ego must step aside. Gratitude and ego cannot exist at the same time according to Deepak Chopra.

What  do you do when you find yourself wallowing in the muck?  How do you pull yourself our of the internal turmoil?

Julieanne Case came from a left brained world, having been a computer programmer who worked on the Apollo missions and, due to circumstances orchestrated by God/Source/Universe, joined the growing ranks of the right-brained world starting in 2001. She became an energy healing practitioner in 2004 and has studied various techniques. She is a Reconnective Healing Pracitioner, a Reconnective Artist, and a blogger. She assists you in reconnecting you to your original blueprint, your essence, your joy and your well being! ©Copyright Julieanne Case 2011