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You already know my name!  So what’s my story?  Everyone has a story.  Ok, I was born, had a dysfunctional family that gave me the incentive to get an education and move to somewhere different.  That different was California.

I studied Mathematics to get a really good job doing programming for aerospace.  And it worked for a time. Actually, a long time.  I programmed for many years, got disillusioned after a few years working on government contracts and got into programming for commercial businesses. That worked for a time.

Then one day I had a car accident. Ok, you can continue to read or you can listen to some of my story here (Click on the right arrow just above the word podcast).. It’s your call. And it started me on another path.  I couldn’t sit at the terminal for more than 5 minutes.  I had to face several issues within me then.  I had met a woman who did massages but she also did some other things involving energy.  She was the only one I would let near my body after the accident.   She got me to the point that I was able to see a chiropractor who also got me to a point.  Then he said what she said.  You need to look within. You should be healed by now.
I began my quest and learned so much more about myself and began to change within: my thinking, my beliefs and my choices.  I stopped being a victim and took charge of my life. And I began to study energy healing. I studied 3 different energy techniques and then I heard Dr. Eric Pearl on Blog Talk Radio and I resonated with him and what he said.

I took his training for Reconnective Healing, got my Reconnection and so much more changed.  I felt whole for the first time in my life.  It wasn’t roses in the beginning.  I had many things that came up that I looked at and cleared.   Then I took the final class to be able to do the Reconnection process for others.   That brought up more for me to look at and release.

Am I there yet?  No,  but I’m in a much, much better place than I have ever been.  And I want to help others realize their potential, their worth and their magnificence  to the point that they appreciate themselves as other do.  To check out more about this healing,  read more about Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection.

I am also a very creative person.  For many years, cooking and dancing were my means of creative expressions. At a very young age I would lose countless hours painting, using those paint by numbers kits and I loved it. Life changed.  After graduating college, I moved to California. Sometime in my mid 20’s, I enrolled in a figure drawing class and found I was quite adept at capturing the essence of the person being drawn. Cooking and dancing were always part of  my life and once again the art stopped. I began very early to cook and it grew over the years. My natural talent for cooking was fed by experimentation and exploration. My dining room table was my palette and my canvas for many years where I created a visual painting using the table setting and the food to nourish the person and their soul through sight, smells and tastes.

A couple years after the car accident, a painting class seemed to be calling my name and I listened. Why? Who knows!  Maybe the Universe was telling me to do it through a friend. Painting seemed to come naturally to me just like cooking. Most of all, the love for painting blossomed and grew in the first class.  Mixing paints to create my own colors is pure joy to me and the knowledge of what colors go best with each other seems to come naturally.

I love painting. I find it tranformative and at times I know that the painting is happening through me. I love vibrant colors and light.  I also love to take photographs too.  From the first paintings i did, I was told my art had lots of energy in them. Coming from a left brain world, I didn’t understand what they were saying. Once I began to learn energy techniques, what others said made more sense to me.  I learned that I could intentionally infuse my paintings with frequencies (energies).  Color in and of itself is also healing.

It is so easy to lose myself for hours when I paint. Sometimes I step back from the canvas to check the overall picture and I find myself in awe and wondering who painted it all and I love that this happens.  Sometimes I’m on the verge of tears I’m so thrilled with what I see. Of course, I have those times when I wonder what in the world gave me the idea that I think I can paint and what was I thinking and I’m none too happy with what I see before me. Then it’s time to take a  big step back and maybe pick up a different canvas. After awhile I  go back to the one I was having trouble with and due to the beauties of oils, I redo what I’ve done and lo and behold I’m transported again to the feeling of joy and creation and utter gratitude. That is the process of creation. I’m filled with awe and love when I paint and those emotions are in my paintings along with pure unbridled joy!

I love that the art I create has healing frequencies from both the color frequencies and the healing frequencies. Now I’m studying that aspect more to create specialized paintings to help others heal. 

I’ve written for years in my head. When I’ve written email updates to family, I’ve heard that they enjoy reading my emails. I would get compliments. Then I wrote for a local organization and again I got compliments. I have written things in my head and then edited them. I never got them down on paper. I started writing a blog and took a hiatus. Then a friend asked me to write a couple of stories for how women thrive in their lives. I wrote two articles. The book came out and made it to Amazon’s best seller’s list! We were thrilled. 

Life is truly a journey and you are the driver, the creator of that journey, no one else is.  Are you ready to take control?  Are you ready to learn about yourself?  It’s a wonderful journey if we but open our eyes to see and our heart to the knowing.

Come join me.  I’d love to help you on your journey, the journey to reconnect you to who you really are,  to your unlimited magnificence, to the you that you were meant to be. We are all creatives but somewhere along the way, we lost sight of that or we were programmed to believe we lacked that ability. You haven’t lost that ability. It lies dormant in some form within. It’s time to awaken it! Contact me. My job as a Creative Spirit Specialist it to help re-awaken your creativity in some form!  It’s there! 

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