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Reconnective Highway

The Reconnective Highway

My life began taking a turn with a car accident.  I got rear ended in my brand new 3 month old car.  Crazy how that always happens!  I was in a lot of pain but even then I didn’t take everything the doctors said as truth.  They said at some point I would need surgery.  Instantly I heard myself tell myself that wasn’t going to happen.  I had a new friend, Gail,  who happened to be a masseuse but she also worked with “energy”.  

Funny, even though I was always fascinated with finding something else, spirits, past lives, etc, I thought it was mostly just an interest, a hobby.  I had read lots of Edgar Cayce. I loved novels that dealt with past lives, truth and fiction. So when Gail said a few things and did some of her “energy” work on me, I looked at it like woo-woo.  Yet at times it left me wide eyed and dazed but dazed in a good way. She got me to a state that I could see a chiropractor. He, too, did things a little out of right field.  At one point, they both said, you should be healed by now. It’s in your mind.  

Gail told me about a class that helped you release stuck emotions.  I took it and met another woman there.  At this point, I had made 2 turns.  I soon got guided to learn energy techniques. It was not anything I had planned to do.  Things happened, I met people that introduced me to this incredible world of energy healing. I went in as a big doubter, a left brainer that kept saying “Prove it to me” and yet I was curious.  I wasn’t an immediate convert.  I still kept asking for proof.  I still kept looking for the logical in a very heart based, feeling based system. But what did build up in me was a knowing.  A knowing that comes from deep within. 

I had experienced a healing from a friend who needed someone upon whom to practice.  Then I went to my first retreat and I experienced things I could not explain to my very left brained computer programming mind.  And it continued.  I learned Quantum Energetic Disciplines, Reiki, and finally Reconnective Healing. There is more in the About page. Reconnective Healing can be found on this page while you can find information on the Reconnection here.

The one thing I can absolutely tell you is that after I had my Reconnection, I felt whole and complete for the first time in my entire life.  It was like someone had put a steel rod within me. I felt this strong core in me that I had never experienced before. Life began to change, I began to change. I am still evolving and growing. I truly believe that if you stop growing, you die. Life is about change, It’s the one solid thing you can count on. Life brings change.