The Healing Art of Julieanne Case

Photo of Beatrice Wood behind me.

Photo of Beatrice Wood behind me taken by Jill Sattler.

I love painting and I also love to take photographs.  I have won honorable mentions, merit awards and first place.  I’m thrilled to have my art acknowledged in this way.  I’m very grateful for the awards and for talents I am so blessed to have. 

Five of my paintings were chosen to be displayed in Times Square in New York City in a huge digital display.  In July 2015, one my photographs of a Blood Moon was part of the Night Photography Digital show at the Louvre in Paris. You can see the Blood Moon photograph below.

The third Blood moon in a series of 4

The third Blood moon in a series of 4

I find it transformative to paint and at times I know that the painting is happening through me. I love using vibrant colors and light.

From the first paintings I did, I was told my art had lots of energy in them. Coming from a left brain world, I didn’t understand what they were saying. But the Universe/God/Source has a way to wake you up.  Soon I was learning energy techniques and I learned that I could intentionally infuse my paintings with frequencies.

Color in and of itself is healing.  We absorb colors through our skin and through our eyes.  The sun contains every color and we absorb those colors when we are in sunlight.   Art has the ability to affect us deeply.  Some move us to joy, laughter, love, tears, hate and anger.  

I tried several types of painting. I’ve done some landscapes, some animals, a couple of portraits, lots of head drawing

First place winner in the Portals show at Carpinteria Art Center

First place winner in the Portals show at Carpinteria Art Center

and a few full figure drawings and painting.  I love painting big florals in vibrant colors a la Georgia O’Keefe style. I didn’t start to copy her at all. It just started happening. I loved doing the close ups.  In between, I would play with abstracts.  I decided to take some abstract painting classes so I would know more what to do. I had a limited view of abstracts. 

I studied with a well known abstract artist in Santa Barbara, Jill Sattler.  I learned a lot from her and will probably learn more.  I am sure I will take another class or two.  It’s good to be pushed, to explore new things in art.  I love the abstracts and my paintings are becoming more powerful as I explore it more. 


Heaven's Gate painting

Heaven’s Gate painting

Here I am with a painting in the Casa Gallery in Santa Barbara.  I am enjoying getting my art out and seen and I’m excited about having my website now that combines my three websites into one.  

I have more to add here so stay tuned.