Reed and Walter Hole Avocados

Reed and Walter Hole Avocados


Upon opening my box from Avocado Diva, I found two layers of avocados. You can see the box in the previous blog about avocados. Then I found a letter telling me what varieties were included and a description of each type. Also in the box was a little jewel called a finger lime, citrus caviar.

There was also a card that describes heritage avocados. On the flip side were three ways to ripen avocados since they do not ripen on the tree.

I had a wait about 3-4 days before I could eat any. My box included the following varieties: Reed and Lamb. She also included a couple of Walter Hole and a Gem avocado.

My first taste was the Walter Hole. They are very small and their skin is edible. I cut it in half, salted it and ate it whole. It was a strange experience for me to eat the skin. The interior was soft coupled with biting through the skin. I got a peppery taste which I’ve never experienced with an avocado. Even eating it without the skin,I still got the pepper flavor.

Then I added some balsamic into the center and ate the other half. I enjoyed them both ways. For dinner that night, my husband cut a Reed into wedges and the last Walter Hole with the skin, placed them on lettuce leaves and put an Italian vinaigrette dressing on them. Both were delicious.

Eating it this way, I didn’t get the peppery taste from the Walter Hole that I got before. It really makes a difference if you experiment by trying the avocado with no vinegar or lemon. The natural state let me taste its flavors better because they are delicate.


No browning after one hour – salted only

I had a special twitter wine tasting to attend where you taste 4-6 wines and tweet about them with people around the world. This was a #planetbordeaux tasting. I took a Reed and a Lamb avocado to pair with the wines.

I was stunned that the reed and the lamb never turned brown during the entire tasting and I had just salted the two, no citrus or vinegar. I wanted to taste them virgin, plus with wine – I didn’t want the vinegar or lemon conflict. The avocados actually went great with one harsh red and smoothed it out.


Reed – so creamy – Great skin container

The next day I ate 1/2 reed avocado in its skin, I used it as a bowl. What surprised me the most was how creamy it was. Of all the avocados, it’s so creamy. And it does not turn brown. I had 1/2 in the frig for 3 days with the seed and plastic wrap. It did not turn brown. I ate it with salt and balsamic vinegar and it was yummy and creamy still. The lamb avocado to me tastes like a refined Hass but they are larger than Hass. I wish I had a Hass for a side by side.

The skin on the Reed blew me away. It can be used as a bowl. It was harder to cut through than a Hass. It is strong enough to be a bowl from which to eat the avocado, like a flexible plastic. You could easily stuff the avocado with something too.

The gem got put on lettuce with dressing. I only had one so I felt I didn’t get a really good taste of it. I’ll get another sometime. It was bright, fresh and a bit more tooth to it than a Hass.

The lambs took the longest to ripen. It was lovely experience and I love the Avocado Diva’s attention to detail, her care and her packaging. Now I want a Reed avocado tree in my yard!


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