I experienced Reconnective Healing with Julieanne Case in November of 2011 by distance (Julieanne is in CA and I am in Utah). I guess I was slightly skeptical about how powerful it could be from so far away but I felt profoundly different afterwards.

During the session I had many involuntary body movements, changes in breathing, involuntary sounds as I breathed out, quite a lot of head twitching, some heaviness in my chest, sensation in my throat (I have always had throat chakra issues) and some auras. A couple of times I had complete body shudders and I felt slightly nauseous at one point.
Afterwards I had a huge sense of calmness and felt very much at peace. Some of the symptoms/sensations recurred intermittently for some time afterwards.

I believe the healing continued after the session and some changes were profound and have lasted. I had a great conversation with my mother in the UK afterwards even though many of our conversations had been awkward before that point.This faded a little but overall I would say our relationship has been less strained since this point.
The most powerful change was that I was in a business situation where I felt unhappy and unable to be fully free to be me. About 6 weeks after the session I left that situation and formed my own LLC with little idea of exactly where I was going but it turned out to be a great move for me as I have since had a real awakening and moved in directions that I would not have expected at the time. I feel that this session really helped me to step into fully being me. Thank you Julieanne, I will be forever grateful.

Louise Edington

Shoot for Your Stars, Your Cosmic Blueprint

As a doctor specializing in upper cervical care, it has become painfully obvious to me, that the one variable outside my control in all patients is their own body’s ability to cope with these stressors; viz. the ability of their own innate intelligence to manifest itself in their physical body’s matter. This is the basis of why some patients heal faster or slower than others when presenting with a similar condition. Understandably, I have been interested in the effects of energetic healing for some time.

Prior to my Reconnective Healing session with Julieanne, my only physical complaint was an intermittent pain in the right 4th costal joint at the sternum for about five years. No amount of chiropractic adjusting or physical therapy had been able to completely resolve this issue; the pain would come and go depending on my level of physical activity, and work postures. At times, the pain even subsided for a few weeks, and I would hardly remember it was there – only to have it return at the most inopportune time while lifting or twisting my upper body under a load.

The Reconnective Healing art is a completely painless, non-invasive, and safe technique. What I experienced during the session was somewhat extraordinary, certainly not an everyday occurrence for such a scientifically minded person as myself. I am told each individual will see, feel, and /or hear something different, as each session is unique to the individual patient. The technique energetically balances the body to the level at which it can best accomplish its goals. During my session, I remember feeling a complete peace within and around my body. Lying on my back, with my eyes closed, I could not see my arms or hands, but felt them lifting of their own accord. This was confirmed by Julieanne, who later told me it appeared as though my arms were levitating during the middle part of the session. I also sensed warmth all over, as if the room and the table I was lying on were becoming hot.

At that time, I saw what appeared to be a yellow mass of some sort in my mind’s eye, resembling a planet. Toward the end of the session, I seemed to sense the color of that mass turning to blue, and a coolness surrounding my body. I did not feel any painful or otherwise disruptive forces, and the entire session was quite relaxing.

Following the Reconnective Healing with Julieanne, I noticed an immediate improvement in the upper right area of my chest, as it had been flared up for two days prior. As the condition was intermittent, it seemed premature at the time to give full acclaim to the Reconnective Healing. However, it has now been over six months since that session, and the condition has not returned. This is a remarkable outcome considering the length of time the condition persisted, and I would encourage anyone with currently unresolved health issues to contact Julieanne Case for a session of this technique of energy healing.

Dr. Jedidiah Smith

Upper Cervical Chiropractor, Ventura Wellness Group

I had my first experience with re-connective healing a few months ago. I didn’t go in with any other intention than checking it out- no real health or emotional issues (that I knew of), I simply wanted to experience it completely open to whatever happened. I’m a huge fan of meditation, energy work, yoga- so I have had experience with energy work, just not this kind. What amazed me most was that it was completely hands-off… I couldn’t understand how a connection could happen without touch… but I tell you IT DID! My personal experience is difficult to put into words, kind of like a vibration breaking up stagnancy within my own energy. I left feeling lighter, my mood brighter, outlook clearer. Over the following days and weeks, this continued…and I loved every minute of it. Problems I was wrestling with no longer seemed difficult to solve. It was like the road had been cleared for me to move forward! As I understand it, everyone’s experience is different. I look forward to doing the treatment again and seeing what stays the same and what changes. This will be a tool I will continue to call on and learn more about for years to come!

Julianne DiBlasi Black

Julieanne briefly explained how she wanted me to prepare for the treatment. I didn’t have any preconceived expectations…I laid down and closed my eyes. I’m not sure how quickly I fell into what felt like a deep sleep. My body felt very heavy. I wasn’t aware of Julieanne’s presence.

During this hour 2 close friends in my life came to me at 3 different times and had brief conversations with me. I don’t remember what we spoke about when I woke up, but it seemed perfectly natural to me that these special friends would be speaking with me.

Three other times , a figure enveloped in a white light, came to me and said that I was loved and that everything was going to be alright. I knew he was speaking of comfort in my life.

When Julieanne told me to wake up, I felt groggy, peaceful and rjuvenated all at the same time. She told me I might notice subtle changes in my body later and to be aware. Basically whatever my body needed to do, it would do to continue to heal.

Some days later, I noticed I didn’t fell pressure/tension/tightness in my hands and feet. My feet have not been ticklish during the massages I’ve received and my hands don’t keep energy locked up in them that causes them to ache after giving massages.

I feel as tho my body woke up and is gently releasing and relieving what it has been holding from past years.

Thank you, Julieanne, for this gift.

Dreama Pulley