I’ve explained about Reconnective Healing in another video log.  In that video I explained that I open the door for your healing. And it is up to your higher self to walk through the door.  I also explained that healing occurs in the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical areas based on what is appropriate for the client. So what can happen during a session?

Each session is different.  I’ve seen some amazing things happen. I’ve also just seen a client lie there and go very deep.  It will look  to me like nothing occurred until the client later shares some pretty wonderful and sometimes mind blowing things that they experienced in the session.  Of course, I love hearing about what everyone experiences.

This modality can also be done long distance.  In a distance healing session, I will experience the energy sensations as if the person is there in front of me and they too will have various experiences feeling the energy as if they were in the room with me.  This is the only modality that I know of that the energies get stronger with distance.  And don’t ask.  I can’t explain why! It could have something to do with Quantum Physics.

Have you ever experienced energy healing work?  Do you find it to far out for you? Are you willing to take a leap of faith and give it a try? What do you think of energy healing?


Julieanne Case came from a left brained world, having been a computer programmer who worked on the Apollo missions and, due to circumstances orchestrated by the universe, joined the growing ranks of the right brained world starting in 2001. She became an energy healing practitioner in 2004 and has studied various techniques. She is a Reconnective Healing Pracitioner, a painter, and a blogger. She also represents Ageloc Skin Care and anti-aging supplements. She assists you in reconnecting to your essence, your youth and your vitality!