My husband and I took off for the first time in years this Thanksgiving. We took a break from our daily routine and visited a favorite spot for us, Pacific Grove, California. With that rugged coastline along the bay, Monterey, Carmel, Cannery Row and the Monterey Bay Aquarium, there was plenty to see, savor both in taste and for the eyes, and take tons of pictures.

The rugged surf along the Monterey Bay

Fabulous rugged surf along Pacific Grove and Monterey Bay

And I did take pictures with my Nikon, my Lumix and my cell phone. The Lumix was amazing to use inside the aquarium. The early morning hours were the best for picture taking along the coast. There weren’t many people about either, just the very hearty joggers and bikers.

The winds are strong in this area. We felt warmly dressed as we left our room at the Sunset Inn. But it wasn’t enough when we reached the water a few minutes later. I pulled out another sweater I had in the car to feel warmer wishing I had my coat I left in the room.

The surf was a roar and the sprays over the rocks were wonderful to see and to hear. It’s a primal feeling and I love visiting this area so much. I can’t hear much when I’m near the water here between the surf and the wind. The waves were big and so fantastic. I’m so attracted to the ruggedness of the sea here. It speaks to a very deep part of me. This place will always have a piece of my heart.

Julieanne Case came from a left brained world, having been a computer programmer who worked on the Apollo missions and, due to circumstances orchestrated by the universe, joined the growing ranks of the right brained world starting in 2001. She became an energy healing practitioner in 2004 and has studied various techniques. She is a Reconnective Healing Pracitioner, a painter, and a blogger. She assists you in reconnecting to your youth and your vitality!