A couple months back I wrote a blog on The Art of Mirroring.  It is a great technique to look into the world of you and learn more about who you are, what behaviors and characteristics you have.  What’s the best way to learn that?


Relationships show us what we need to do to improve ourselves. You don’t need relationship advice. You need to look at how the people you have a relationship with pushes your buttons, then ask yourself why. They are mirroring for you what you don’t like about yourself! You cannot see in another what you yourself do not have. It’s how we recognize things. And that goes for the good, the bad and the ugly!

This isn’t easy for anyone to do. I struggle at times with certain people that I simply cannot believe that I have anything similar with them. I do know I don’t want it to be true as well.

But down deep, I know I’m just being blind.  I will find the similarity. And why is that important? Until I recognize and accept I’m just like them, then I can’t change it!

Are there people in your life you avoid? Are there people that grate on your nerves so bad, you want to scream?  Have you really looked hard at them to see what you are seeing that you simply can’t tolerate? And how are you similar?