Taking a break from my food history and writing about avocados. Why you may ask? I got an amazing package in the mail from a woman, Brenda Cusick, who calls herself the Avocado Diva. And that she is. She can give you so much information on avocados. It’s amazing. I never knew there were so many varieties of avocados.

My knowledge of avocados is pretty basic. I probably first had them in a Mexican restaurant in the form of guacamole. I’m familiar with Fuertes (not a favorite) and Hass (favorite).  When we bought our house many decades ago, we acquired an avocado tree. Until we moved here and had a tree, I didn’t know that avocados have to be picked and put in paper bags to ripen. We kept waiting for them to ripen on the tree!

Lamb, Reed and Gem avocados

Lamb, Reed and Gem avocados

I heard about Brenda at the Ventura County Fair in the Agriculture Building from Kat Merrick of Totally Local VC but never got to meet the Avocado Diva. Totally Local VC promotes buying from and supporting our local community and our local farmers.  I saw some really large avocados and some really small ones. I didn’t get to sample any however. Kat told me that there is one avocado that you can eat with the skin, too.

Then there was an event at the Petty Ranch to taste and buy local figs where I got to taste new varieties of figs, too.  Brenda was there with her avocados and I finally met the Avocado Diva. I tasted some of her guacamole made from Gem avocados. Yes, a new type for me. Had never heard of it. Great avocado flavor. Nice texture and a bright green/yellow color.

We hooked up on Facebook, I received a box of her lovely avocados (picture is the bottom layer of the box)  and now I’m writing a blog about her avocados. I have experienced the various types she sent me in different ways.  Some with just salt, some with Italian dressing on them, some in a salad, some with wine.  The Lamb avocados can be large as you can see.

The avocado Diva will send a box of avocados along with something like spices or a “finger lime” which I got. It’s small and finger shaped. You cut it and squeeze the little round balls of citrus out. They are caviar like! Bright citrus flavor that goes well with the avocados.

You get a lovely newsletter that tells you about the various avocados you received. She describes them so you can tell one from another and sometimes includes a photo. She includes instructions on how to ripen them as well. The avocados are heritage avocados and are all purchased from small farms and ranches along the Central California Coast.

These could be great business holiday gifts or a gift for a friend, family  or even for yourself.

That’s the basics. Next blog will be about my experience with 4 different avocados: Walter Hole, Reed, Gem and Lamb. Yes, those are avocado varieties! Surprised me too.

What are your experiences with avocados? Do you like them? Did you, too, think they ripened on trees?

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