The day was becoming increasingly hotter and hotter.  This was by the far the hottest day I had experienced here.  As we drove to the next winery, we passed a couple of single horse drawn carriages being driven my Amish men,  saw an Amish girl in her blue dress and white bonnet on her bike and another young Amish woman jogging.  The country side was full of beautiful looking farms.

Soon we were at our last stop.  This time the winery was a much bigger enterprise, Raven’s Glenn Winery.  It was big and to be honest, I didn’t like the look of it enough to take a picture of it.  What a little photo snob I am! We went inside and saw a very long tasting bar. They also had racks and racks of wine.  Ray and I went to the bar and Loretta and Rose decided to relax on the porch in the white rocking chairs.

Tasting Bar at Raven's Glenn

Tasting Bar at Raven’s Glenn

Ray and I were handed a menu showing us the 3 different tasting flights that were available. I read each of them and choose the first one. The premium flight had two ports and sweet wine so I choose the first tasting menu to get a better feel for the wines they make.


I preferred the wines here.  They had more sophistication.  The flavors were also more familiar!  So I asked: do you grow your grapes or buy them from growers?  We were told they get all their grapes from California.  No wonder I liked this winery so much better.  Yet Ray informed me that the first white he served me at his house came from here and I didn’t like it much.  I did like what I was served here.  Or maybe I had enough wine and food in me to be less discerning! They also carry many sweet varieties which the Ohioans like.

After the wine tasting, I looked around the store. I was looking for something in particular and didn’t see it. I finally located them: wine foils that I love to use for pouring wines.  I bought two packages to take back to Ron.

We didn’t get to see the Tuscarawas River but they have a restaurant at this winery that fronts the river.  They also can be booked for weddings.  Maybe next time we’ll try the restaurant.  Ray says it’s quite good.  We piled in the car and headed back to Barberton and Akron.

Ray, however, made one more stop at a place called Stricklands, not too far from Ravens Glenn.  Ohio has many small ice cream

Red Barn in Coshockton County Ohio

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shops and they are all wonderful!  Come on California! We have so few!  I took a few more pictures as we headed back.  We had a few sprinkles on our way back and returned to see huge puddles and mud in some places. We learned we missed a huge downpour and thunder storm.  I would have enjoyed that, too. Our day was sunny, hot, humid and still utterly delightful!


What’s in your wine cellar?  Do you buy wines on vacations to enjoy when you get home?

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