Directional Sign

Directions to the Yellow Butterfly Winery

As Ray drove, I took some shots of the country side.  It was a gloriously beautiful day but blazingly, brutally hot and humid, too.

The tasting room

Yellow Butterfly Winery

We finally came upon a sign that read Yellow Butterfly Winery.  As we drove up the winding driveway, we came upon a beautiful huge barn completely painted yellow. There was an alpaca rolling in the dirt behind an enclosure, too.  As we walked up the stairs, we saw a sign in the window:  “Wine a little bit… You’ll feel better”.  Ray commented that the “ch” fell off the sign, that’s what the dots represented!


The Alpacas behind the Yellow Butterfly

Inside was beautiful. We saw handmade rugs made out of the alpaca fur. I was so tempted to buy one. They were beautiful.  But lugging it home on the airplane was not an appealing thought.  Note to self:  Bring Ron next time!  Looking at the wine menu, I learned that only 3 of the wines were dry, the rest sweet.  Soooooooo, maybe my hubby was right and wine tasting in Ohio was a waste of time?

However, it was a beautiful drive and the scenery was a feast for the eyes. I tasted the dry white but it lacked substance, again one

Beautiful barn inside

The Yellow Butterfly Winery Barn

dimensional, not one to finish.  I looked at the grapes that made up the white and I didn’t recognize the grapes except I remember hearing the Catawba grapes from when I was much younger. The first dry red I did like.  It did have some unrecognizable grapes but it had a couple I did recognize.  I didn’t like the second red. Maybe it was the unknown grape varieties but Ray didn’t like it either.  I decided to try one sweet wine. I love pink lady apples and they had a pink lady wine.  It was made from different varieties but one was a pink Catawba.  It was fairly well balanced with some acidity so it wasn’t cloying sweet.  It did remind me though of a pink daiquiri which I haven’t had in years.  This is so different from the California wine country scene.

So I took some more pictures and off we went in the car to the next destination.  The countryside was quiet, not many cars, on single lane roads and it was really pretty, very bucolic.  Soon we came to a sign that read Rainbow Hills. We turned onto that road, saw some grape vines and soon we were driving on gravel road.  We went back deep and soon came upon some buildings among the trees.

Part 3 of this lovely day is not far behind!  So what speaks country to you?

More bucolic scenes

Beautiful horses


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