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Healing Art

I love painting. I find it tranformative and at times I know that the painting is happening through me. I love vibrant colors and light.  I also love to take photographs too.  From the first paintings i did, I was told my art had (see more..)


A few years back I was taking a social media workshop and I got challenged to write a blog.  I really didn’t think I could write but I quickly learned I was very wrong. I love to write too. Sign up here for my blog.

Reconnective Healing

I got guided to learn energy techniques. It was not anything I had planned to do.  Things happened, I met people that introduced me to this incredible world of energy healing. I went in as a big doubter but curious. (see more…)

From Julieanne's Blog

Stories Behind the Art

I was asked to submit a painting for a local gallery, Buenaventura Art Association.This show is titled “Stories”. They wanted art that had a unique story about something that stick’s in the artist’s mind. For me, it was the Thomas Fire that hit...

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Life Long Passion for Food Part 9: Puffed Pancakes

The other day I posted a picture of our Thanksgiving breakfast dish. I have made this dish on days I deemed special over the last 30 plus years. The Marlene Sorosky cookbook, Cookery for Entertaining,  is falling apart! I’ve also made her Frozen Lemon Cream...

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Life Long Passion for Food Part 8: Avocado Tasting

  Upon opening my box from Avocado Diva, I found two layers of avocados. You can see the box in the previous blog about avocados. Then I found a letter telling me what varieties were included and a description of each type. Also in the box was a little jewel...

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